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    I loved the GTO from the 1st time I saw an ad for one. Do ya'll remember all those ads with Tigers in 'em ? The Pontiac dealer in Shreveport, Holmes Pontiac, use to keep one of those ads running in the daily newspaper, The Shreveport Times. I collected all the ads I could from wherever I could find one. Before I was done I had the walls of my room covered with pics and ads for GTO's. It was like GTO wallpaper. Sometimes I'd just lay in bed and look at those GTO's and dream of the day when I'd have one of my own.

    When they came out with the GTO song, I bought the 45 rpm record and played it over and over til my family was sick of it. I still love that song til this day, when I hear it on the 60's oldies channel.

    I remember the 1st GTO in our little town. It was a red '64 with 3 deuces and a 4-speed. It was the baddest ride in town. Then there was a light blue '65 with 3 deuces and a 4-speed. Then came a black '66 with 3 deuces and a 4-speed. I remember watchin these cars drivin around the "loop" that all the kids made in our town. We'd set down in the holler in the bowling alley parking lot and watch as all the Musclecars(and those that had no muscle) would ease thru, then drive back out onto the highway and back up the hill past the Dairy Queen. We'd be listening to the latest Rock-N-Roll hits on the local radio station. But when one of the Musclecars came thru, we'd turn the music down and listen closely as they would rumble thru and then go thru the gears as they went back up the hill. Sometimes, when the coast was clear and no cops in site, they'd pop the clutch and burn rubber most of the way up the hill--what a thrill ! Most of the time you would hear 'em bark the tires real good when they hit 2nd and another little chirp when they hit 3rd. Then we'd turn the music back up and listen to it as we'd talked excitedly about what we had just witnessed. Hey, it was a great time to be alive and young in small town USA ! Can anybody relate ?

    Hey, I said there would come a day when I'd have my very own GTO and I'd be the one loping thru the Bowling alley parking lot and burning rubber up the hill and past the Dairy Queen. And thank God I did. My dreams came true. I bought a silver '69 RA3 4-speed with a 3.90 posi. It was all I had dreamed of and more. I had started to college and was working all the hours I could at a pizza joint. It only paid $1.50 per hour. But the boss would let me work all the hours I could. And the dollar would buy a lot more back then. I was doing what the song said, "gonna save all my money and buy a GTO".

    Well, I found what looked to be a clean light blue '65. The price was $1500. I would have bought it. But my boss, God bless him, gave me some good advice. He said I oughta buy a new one, so I wouldn't have to deal with problems that might come along with a used hot rod. He reasoned that since a bank would finance it for 3 years, the monthly payments would not be any higher than for a used one. And he was right.

    So I went on down to the Pontiac dealer In Monroe, LA--Twin City Pontiac. The Judge had just come out. So I wanted one. But I was gonna order it just like I wanted it. The only problem was, early in the year, the Judge only came in one color. And I didn't like that color. I told the salesman I was not about to drive around in no orange car ! So he said I could order a regular GTO with all the same equipment as the Judge had, except for the stripes and rear deck spoiler. So the gig was on. I sat down and ordered it just like I wanted it--well, almost. I really wanted 4.33 gears. But I had sense enuff to know that the 3.90's would be better for a daily driver.

    So we got it ordered. Silver with black interior, RA3 engine, close ratio Muncie, bench seat with a fold down arm rest, rear speaker for the radio, 3.90 posi and nothing else. Definitely no air. I was not about to ride around in a car like that with the windows rolled up ! Hey, I'd even ride around town with the windows down in the winter. I'd just turn the heater up on high.

    I remember the day, I was driving down the 4-lane, past the Pontiac dealer, when I met a new car hauler loaded with new Pontiacs. It was unmistakable. There was MY GTO in the middle of the bottom row. I found a place to turn around real quick and followed that truck to the Pontiac place. I watched 'em unload it. To me it was beautiful. I'd never seen a silver '69. It looked better than I had even imagined. Well, they finally got it unloaded, but the salesman said they would have to service it out before I could take off in it. So we went in and did the paper work. And soon they had it parked right outside the showroom, ready for me to drive it away. I'll never forget the feeling I had that day as I fired up MY GTO for the 1st time and drove off down the road in it. It was just a special experience and one of the favorite memories of my life. Hey, if I have to explain it to you, you won't understand. Any of ya'll been there ?

    I don't know why, but I don't have a single pic of the car til after it had a little over 60,000 miles on it and I had taken it off the street and onto the track. I'll include a pic I found of a resto '69 that looked more like mine did than any other I've seen. but it did not have the hood tach and Ram Air letters on the scoops.

    I just noticed. In that 3rd pic, the top looks bashed in. But it wasn't, the pic is just distorted. In that pic it is sittin just behind the burnout area at our local track. The next pic was taken a few minutes later, as I launched off the line. You can read the words IN-TOW. That 1st season I pulled it to the tracks with a '68 Caddy and a tow bar. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

    Hey, I just noticed that there are two GTO sections, and I put this post in the wrong one. I reckin that since the 1st and 2nd gen Birds are together I assumed the Goats were together. Sorry about that. Mr. Moderator please feel free to move it to the correct location. Thanks !
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