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Thread: 8.2 Rear axle housing color 1969

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    Default 8.2 Rear axle housing color 1969

    I am in the process of restoring a 1969 Firebird A/C 400. I purchased the car to restore it back to factory specs. The car is 95% all original when I purchased it. The Factory carb, alternator, and starter has been replace that is it. Still looking for them. The car was produced in LOS Nov. First week(11A).
    My question is, I pulled the rearend out to have it blasted to remove the loose rust. I do not know if the rearend should be Semi gloss black or natural steel with a cast iron color on the center pumkin. The backing plates seemed not to be painted. They had a green dot paint on them from factory. I have a pic of the markings. Can anyone help. Plus I think the rear shocks have been replaced cause it has springs mounted in the shock. Is this factory?

    Drums? Semi Gloss back or natural
    backing plates? Mine where natural with a green dot at the 6 o' clock postion.

    Is the drive shaft Natural color also? I still have the metal strip that is welded to both u caps on the U joints.

    Any info on the factory drive train color would help out a lot.

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    I know this is a old thread but, the under side of the 67-69 birds is black on the floor . the rear end and drive shaft, Drums is natural steel. the springs are semi black. there was no springs mounted in the shock.

    inspection paint markings
    the U joint bolts had a yellow paint on them. the diff had and oringe mark or letter. the axel tubes had a white or green mark
    the drive shaft had 2 or 3 color code band painted around them.
    some of this color info is on the build sheet.
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